Turn off Google mini when alarmstatus turns to on

I use Google home as loudspeakers for music and I want to create a flow which turns them off when i turn on the alarm for the house. I cant add them as devices , just Chromcast show up. Any ideas?

Send chromecast pause command?

It is not the Chromecast I want to stop… I want to stop the music coming from the Google mini. Which I cant add as device to Homey…

You can choose stop casting to home mini…
Or pause, mute etc. then it will stop…right?


Yes but I want to make a flow which stops the casting when the alarmstate changes to Set. Now it turns off all lights and Sonos stops playing when I set the alarm but those are devices I have added to homey.

So, u can’t add the mini’s to Homey? Now why is that?
I added them to Homey (as Chromecast devices yes) and they work like a charm.


Thank YOU! I stopped when I just saw Cromecast…


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