Trouble setting up rf easy dimmer / remote

Hi all, i’m new to this forum , so if i miss some stuff or mess things up, i’m sorry

Yesterday i bought my homey and i really like it, i connected quite a few things already and it works great. One thing i can’t connect is my RF easy dimmer module for the lighting of my led strip in the kitchen:

I searched for rf easy apps or something alike, but i can’t find anything alike. Is it possible to get it working??
Thanks in advance!


If there is no app for your device ( I also did not find one ), then you can make one yourselves.
Maybe another option is to learn the dimmer a protocol that is known by Homey, I’ve seen the dimmer has a learn button, but I’m not sure of, what it is capable to learn.

And otherwise, your not able to learn it or maken a app for it.

The forum has a very handy topic for all the requests

Hi, my apologies for the late reply. Thanks for all the help, i’ll post it at the app request and i’ll have a look at the learning mode from homey.