Trigger flow by physical switch or via virtual switch


  1. is it possible to trigger a flow by a physical switch? (eg namron z-wave)
  2. is it possible to trigger a zigbee or 433mhz device using a z-wave switch? (using flows/virtual device)

I want to use a physical switch to turn off all my devices when i leave the house.
Challenge is that not all my devices are z-wave. Some are cheap 433mhz devices.

In m flows I can turn off whatever devices I want, hence my question to trigger a flow using a physical switch (eg z wave).


If the physical switch can send a signal; yes

That’s easy:
When: button is pressed
Then: switch off [list of devices]

Remember that 433 devices don’t check if they did the right thing. If they fail a lot, just send the off command a second time after a few seconds.