Trigger Apple "find my phone" flow

I’m wondering if this is possible some how, anyone have any ideas?

I assume that either my question is poorly formed or no one knows… What I want to achieve is the possibility to trigger a signal on a muted iphone and find it’s location, through homey. If there’s any other way to do this, please let me know if you know.

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Is it even possible to trigger “find my phone” outside of an apple devices or the icloud website? Especially if you are using 2FA?

There is a client for it in Python. It would be possible to create an app for that. Problem is with 2FA, you have to interact with it quite often.

I see, yeah that makes sense. it’s unfortunate that there’s no sms-activation like there is for most Android similar systems… that would have solved everything. I’m not savvy enough to create an app I’m afraid…