Token from Roborock app (not Xiaomi Home)


there has been quite a lot written about retrieving token for Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners to be able to add to home automation systems (Homey, Home Assistant, etc.). However most of these tutorials count on using Xiaomi Home application, not the Roborock one. Since I have Roborock S6 MaxV model with front camera, I need to use the Roborock application, which suppurts remote viewing (Xiaomi Home does not). The machine can only be connected to one app at once. That’s because wifi reset needs to be done when adding the device to the app and new token is generated after that.
So it comes down to me needing to somehow get the token from the Roborock app, which I want to be using for the remote viewing. And this has not been cracked yet, to my knowledge. Maybe someone here can prove me wrong (or confirm my fear that I will not be able to control my robot via Homey :frowning:
Thanks a bunch!


Hi @arvi,

There is absolutely no problem with using the Roborock in multiple different ways… I got it in Google Home, the Roborock app and in Homey and I can choose from different places to let it start cleaning.

The token can be extracted after you connecting it to your wifi and you can use that token in Homey without any problems. What issue have you run into when trying to att it to Homey?


Hi Tobias,

the thing is, I am unable to extract token, when the device is connected to Roborock app (no problem extracting it from Xiaomi Home app). But I need it from the Roborock app, because I want to use remote viewing, which is not supported in Xiaomi Home app. And device can not be connected to both apps at once, because when adding device to app, wifi reset has to be done and therefore new token is generated.



there is already a solution for this?

Not to my knowledge :frowning:

supposedly, this should be achieve what you ask for, though I have personally not tried it as it seems a bit complicated for me: GitHub - redphx/hass-roborock

How did you extract the token if you didn’t use the Mi Home app? Thanks in advance😊

Hi all, anyone have found a solution for use Roborock app and find the token?

Nope. I think this won’t be possible. I am just waiting until Mi Home app introduces the remote viewing functionality and then I will switch. This should happed sooner or later, so currently I am without token and using Roborock app (I prefere remote viewing option before controlling from Homey).

Ah, ok.
There is no way to do it from the Roborock app, only from the Xiaomi app.

Has anyone tried this with Roborock (not Xiaomi) app?

I’ve just setup my new S7 with the Roborock app (which is much better than the Mi Home app) but I just found out that the vacuum can only be connected to one “control” app.

Reading on the internet, it is still only possible to extract the token from the Mi Home app…?! :frowning:

Hi Renzo,

I don’t know what you mean by connection to one control app only, but you can use roborock app on multiple devices and connect to vacuum cleaner from all of them (I did not try at the same time, but I think this is also possible), so this is no issue.

This topic is about extracting token from Roborock app. Extracting token from Mi Home app is possible and you can find instructions on internet.

Just posted naive question to official roborock site and got expeted answer:


Thank you reaching out. Sorry there is no way to extract token from the Roborock app.


Might be necroing the thread but anyone found a solution for this one?

nope, still waiting :slight_smile: But I haven’t tried recently whether the Xiaomi Home app introduced camera viewing. I am too lazy to go through the hassle of registering there and back.

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just came here for exact same problem :slight_smile:
was going to add some flows for the roborock… but seems like I just keep it in the roborock app. So my wife can still use it :stuck_out_tongue: