To disable a module

Hello, I can’t find a way to deactivate a module (socket, flood detector, etc.). Let me explain: there are times when I don’t use a detector, whether it’s a socket or a flood detector, for a long period. In these cases, I unplug it or remove the batteries, but the device still shows the last report in Homey. What I would like is to be able to disable the modules without deleting them. Is this possible? With the eedomus box, it was possible to put the modules in disable mode.

There is no option therefore in Homey.

Maybe just move the device to a parking zone and/or disable all related flows.

Like @Dijker said: not possible. But I also cannot think of a situation where you would want it?! I have a socket called X-Mas Tree, all year round. It’s always in the socket where the tree supposed to be. I never remove it, so it’s there for 10,5 month and it’s only used 1,5 month during christmas. But it’s never in the way (interface or log wise)

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For the outlet, it’s not too bothersome. It’s just for my flood detector, from which I remove the battery in winter. It stays stuck on the last battery value, so if it was at 75%, it remains like that in the Homey console. I would have preferred it to display “null” or nothing instead. Well, it’s not a big deal, it will stay that way.

Maybe disable the flow(s) which uses those devices?
Or if you make separate flows just to use these devices you can disables these flows and the devices are not used until you set the flows to enabled again.