TKB home Smart Energy Wallplug TZ69 can't see the voltage measurement


I have a couple of TKB TZ69 Smart Energy Wallplug’s, Homey see’s them fine.

However I previously used these with home assistant and they reported back Voltage, this is missing on Homey. I would very much like to graph voltage as I think I’m getting spikes thats messing up some hifi equipment.I’m loathed to rebuild my homeassistant setup as it was a bit glitchy.

Any recommendations on how I could access this additional information?

Alternatively I was considering buying another device if that provides Voltage readings, any recommendations?



Hi, so I went off and bought an Aeotec Smart Switch 6, lovely thing, cool light ring and USB socket. It supports voltage readings … but I can only see W’s and KWh’s.

The advanced settings allow selection of what information reports can be associated to which groups, I’ve tried all the options but the tile for the device only shows W’s and KWh’s.

I’m thinking I’m doing something wrong, some suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks,