Thread network analysis in Developer Tools

Hi, a great help would be a Thread analysis-tool similar to the ZigBee-tool. Its very difficult to understand were a Thread network is weak and adding this tool could help a lot in building a robust and redundant network

The Zigbee tool on the HP2023 isn’t very useful either.

In any case, you should direct your request to Athom directly:

Thanx, i thought forum was between both users and Athom. Posted in their forum. I can agree ZigBee tool is not perfect but much better than nothing IMO. For future i would like near realtime with current connection and strength :slight_smile:

Officially, this is a community-only forum.

Athom isn’t able to create a Zigbee routing table on the HP2023 for some reason. Since Thread uses the same hardware, it’s probably also not possible to create a routing table for that protocol either.