This.driver is not a function

I have a Philio PSR04 and used the philio app to include it to my homey early 2023. The inclusion works fine.
I get a error message when I push the icon. “This.driver is not a function.

No flowes with the devices seams to work.

What can I do to make it work.

The only thing you can do is contact the developer as that is an app issue.
Curious why no one mentioned it before as there are 2 drivers (devices, PSR04 & PSR07) that have the same mistake.
(this.driver().FLOWCARD instead of this.driver.FLOWCARD)

Hello @johan_bendz. I seams like you are the developer.
I really appreciate your work with Homey apps.
Can you solve the problem with Philio PSR04.
Thank you very much in advance. Do you need any information from me?