Thermostat to manage Eurotronics valves?

I’ve 3 eurotronics Valves, 3 aqara temp sensor for 3 zones

For now, I manage my heaters with Homey Heater Schedule, but I would like, also, to manage heaters schedule, temp, zones with a real thermostat (WAF …)

Do you know a device (thermostat) for that need ?
I think about the Tado, but i don’t know if i will be able to drive Eurotronics Valves with …
I precise that I don’t have any wall thermostat on my gas boiler…Water temp and Heat temp are
manually managed.

Thank you for your help

With the Danfoss/Devolo room thermostat, battery operated and Z-Wave, you can control the Eurotronics thermostats.

Thank you ! It’s this kind of devise that i’m looking for.
Do you know if there is something similar but with the possibility to manage several zone ?

For exemple, the HoneyWell evo, but to control Eurotronic … :slight_smile:
Thanks again !

No, sorry.
Of course, you can also use a dashboard, which gives you various options.

By Dashbord, you mean the App Homey on Iphone or Ipad ?

There can only be one dashboard!

E.g. that what Roco suggested or dashboards via HomeAssistant or other systems are also possible.