The new Homey Pro — Ask Me Anything

How many units will be produced every week? I ordered mine a couple of days ago, and really can’t wait to get it :slight_smile:

No one will be able to answer that either, not even Athom. It probably depends on how many boards they get from the Raspberry.

Will the new Homey Pro get a new app as well, or will the app be updates? Much left to be desired in the app. :slight_smile:

You probably already have an updated app that also supports the new Homey Pro (Early 2023), but the version with the second-last bugfixes will be available to the world the day you receive your New Homey Pro.

Or we get an new app between now and Christmas … any any year. That could have been the hidden message in the AMA video somewhere,
Or we completely misinterpreted Emiles Laugh…

I guess only in the case they don’t have pre-ordered and already have stock. Maybe that isn’t the bottleneck at this moment.

I guess it depends on the # of Homey’s Ordered vs the # Produced / week + Start of the mass
production: December Development Blog — Homey Pro (Early 2023) | Homey


The few remaining (components) are currently being sourced on the spot market. …

Where I see the “Start of the mass production” and remaining components is the only two that really counts at this moment. (Yes it could be Raspberry , but my guess is something else.)

Another new update! :slight_smile:

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I hope this statement is big joke ???
I buy the new homey pro only if I can import all settings and data with one click from the Early 2019 Homy Pro, otherwise you push me to find another solution.

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They haven’t updated that FAQ in a while, the latest blog post has better information.


Migrations — As promised, we prioritised transferring setting from your current Homey Pro. Good news, because we’ve successfully restored a backup of a previous generation Homey Pro to the new Homey Pro. :tada: Unfortunately Z-Wave proved to be more difficult than anticipated, so this requires a bit more work. And of course, Zigbee is still on our To-do list.


And it says “not yet supported” and “we’re working on it”
Don’t take the proposed ‘solution’ too seriously :upside_down_face:

And the link of that latest blog post is right above your post:wink:

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Great news that migrating to the new Pro works, including Z-wave and Zigbee devices. That is awesome:

The requirement to manually repair each Zigbee device isn’t a big deal, it would have been much worse to have to re-pair all of them, given that many are hidden in walls and such.

I’m pretty sure they mean “re-pair”.

Ah, of course, you’re right. :cry: To hyphenate or not to hyphenate…

In that case, it will be a real pain. Not sure what the migration did for Zigbee, then. Just preserve the identity of the devices, so that can be correctly re-associated after re-pairing?

That’s what it sounds like, yes. It’s something that also works with the current Homey, in case Zigbee devices fall out of the network: re-pair them without first removing them from Homey. The device has a unique ID that Homey associates with its device entries, so when the device is paired it’s recognised again.

The only think which prevents me from ordering new Homey is the fact that few of apps are still SDK2 only :frowning: Some of them are even confirmed abandoned, some of them are promised to be updated…

"Xiaomi Mi Home": null,
 "TP-Link Smart Devices": null,
 "Broadlink": null,
 "Face++": null,
 "Google TTS": null,
 "WebOS Plus": null,
 "Mi Homey": null,
 "Roborock": null,
 "Homey Heating Scheduler": null,
 "Advanced Scheduler": null,
 "< group >": null,
 "Homey Community Store": null

Unfortunately the Roborock seems to be abandoned. I think I will keep my old Homey Pro and see if it can be solved by using the Homesh Controller/Satellite apps and keep old Roborock on the old Homey.

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In case you didn’t know, here’s a pretty accurate topic: [Homey Pro (Early 2023)] App unsupported list
Which also lists some alternative apps in SDK3 version.

TTS, WebOS, < group >, Face++ and HCS are announced to be updated.

You can help by trying to find developers who’d be interested to take over (an) app(s), or to help updating it to SDK3

I’m well aware, yet the list is not full and all the devs have been already contacted. Indeed some promised updates yet still some were abandoned as I stated already.

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I just thought, your list makes it look much worse than it actually is (for you in this case) :crazy_face: :hugs:

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I know about the list and I have been in contact with the developer of Roborock last year and it will not be any update of that app.