Texecom Alarm system integration - KNX or something easier?

Noticed discussions on Texecom alarm system integration. Some have used Home Assistant integration, and others homebridge plugin. Has anyone found any easier integration to Homey?

We have Texecom Alarm system, controllable with app in phone + panel in wall. But since we have Homey and a lot of other devices/lights connected… I’d like to take alarm system to more intelligent. Smartcom unit to connects Texecom into network. There is also connection ports. Was wondering somene has experience to use those?

One option is KNX. Needs Homey KNX kit + other device to control … and programming. So I’m looking for an easier solution. Positive thing in KNX is that our ventilation unit can be hooked to that too. but it needs wirings in the house. Does anyone have experience on Homey KNX kit? And what have you done with it?

Thanks for any help : )

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