[TEST] Connected radiator valves (Tado°, Danfoss, Fibaro, Eurotronic)

Hi all! So I’ve used the “old” and the “new” version of the Eurotronic Spirit. The old one costed me 35 Euro on Amazon and the new one 53 Euro. The only difference I noticed was that the backlight on the new one is a bit better, but this only results in a better experience if you plan to look at the screen a lot from odd angles (above the screen but angled a bit anterior).

In terms of stability, response and user-friendliness, both were very good! Like a lot of the other contributors on this topic, it was a very good experience using the Eurotronic Spirit. I’m very much pleasantly surprised, especially regarding its price.

I’ve found only one reference for the differences between the new and the old one. This is written by a long term user who’s used both for quite some time. He didn’t experience any significant differences.

TLDR; Buy the old one

Hi guys,

does it make any difference if you use an old Tado v2 or a new v3(+) bridge? What I can see, only the design and support for apple homekit is added.

The question is, is that really everything? Or am I missing something…

I own 3 radiator thermostats, and I only need a bridge to connect them to Homey.

From a Homey perspective there is no difference, the Homey app connects to the Tado hosted web service and not to your bridge. As the Tado geofencing is no longer part of the Homey app the additional paid subscription services with V3(+) are a personal choice. The Homey will simply not receive Tado data about the non subscribed services.
Running my Tado v2 bridge and the HomeyTado app without any problem for years.

Thanks… But, are you saying that homey does not receive any data from tado? So by example, when I control a radiator valve mannualy, does homey not getting this information?

I meant Homey reads the data (via an API) from the Tado server; Homey does not connect to your own inhouse bridge directly.
If you change a radiator valve manually, the bridge is sending this information to the Tado server, which communicates with Homey (and with your Tado mobile phone app).

Thank you for the great testing! Just my remark to smart thermo valves: after 1 year with cheap Chinese valves I switched to zigbee Danfoss Ally. They are quality made, precis, silent and have ring for easy temperature change. Unfortunately not supported by Homey.


Sorry to dig up this topic, but today i have a lot of trouble to find a Thermo Valve, compatible with homey, available on the web…

I have already 4 Eurotronics Spirit, but impossible to find the same reference on the web, always sold out… Danfoss LC13 is stopped and in the Danfoss App in Homey you can’t pair Danfoss ALLY.
Fibaro is expensive …Shelly too …

Do you know another brand compatible with homey which made thermo valve ?

Thanks a lot

Honeywell - Evo Home

Thanks for the feedback and comment. I also have trouble finding a zigbee (or other) valve for my radiators which is:

A. available
B. reliable
C. affordable

Is Evo Home the only one? Costs EUR 70. I know quality costs probably, but is there any other product available on the market with a lower price tag and working with homey?

Seems the app developers do not really add the thermostat valves for radiators (might be tricky, I do not know).

Looks like the market has changed in the last 2 years.

Any ideas?

Any ideas.

I am sure you already found the ones below since you “have trouble finding”.
Probably these are even more different ones out there.

market has changed in the last 2 years” Indeed, but not sure you captured all of it.






Thanks a lot. A great summary.

My brief check:

Above EUR 70:
devolo, netatmo, popp, somfy, tado, Honeywell

Not available to buy
Smartwaves, Danfoss L13, plugwise

zwave only and EUR 50:

This is what I meant. The ones available are so expensive that I doubt it will ever pay off (Investment vs. energy savings). But probably it is just the current market driving prices up and next year in summer the prices are back to an ok level.

Cheaper alternatives as the new aquara thermostat are not supported by homey.

Anybody installed the Tuya Zigbee Thermostat (Moes Tuya ZigBee3.0) with the Tuya Cloud App in homey and what is your experience?

Thanks for your help

Better ask / or read about experiences or problems in the specific app topics

When you want to use a zigbee thermostat with Tuya cloud app, you’ll need a Tuya compatible zigbee hub as well. I’d look for a Tuya zigbee app compatible thermostat.

Thanks a lot Peter. Will check there. Just thought the Tuya Forum might not focus on the thermostats, but didn’t search.

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YW, Christian!
For the Tuya Cloud app it’s a quite recent addition.
The zigbee app calls it “valve controller”. Not sure if wall thermostats are supported, but you can request support.

Thanks Peter. I was wondering which device it is. Did not think it is the valve controler (strange picture). And I thought I need to use the Tuya cloud app. Do not yet understand why there are two Tuya apps and with which Homey is the gateway or if you need the Tuya gateway. In the Tuya cloud app there is no thermostat.

This is why I am in this thread and asking if anybody has ever connected the Moe Zigbee Thermostat with the homey.

You see, I am a bit lost :upside_down_face:

Just checked. The valve controller in the Tuya zigbee app is not the thermostat. At least the control options are only on and off. This cannot be a thermostat. It looks like a the Moe BRT 100 is not supported at all and also not planned to be added, as far as I understand the timeline of added devices in the forum. Difficult.

I have two Danfoss radiator thermostats and one keeps showing 1% battery, replaced them 2 times but still showing 1 %. Is this a known issue?

Patience. It can take several hours to display the actual first battery value.

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