Tesla charging

Hi, I think I have a very simple question but I do not get it work. In fact three questions:
I made a flow that when the price is good that the tesla (which is connected to power of course) may start charging, if the price is changed and will be to low then car must stop charging and another flow that when the car is connected at home the car stops charging because of high pricing. The flows are working but the car does not start or stop charging. I think there is something simple I do wrong. Hope someone can give an example of a flow.

example: If price-logic is changed and price-logic is yes (price is low enough), then car must start charging.

The other is reversed: if price changed and price is to high car must stop charging.

A third one will be, if car starts charging (when arriving home and the car is plugged in) then he needs to do a check if price is ok, otherwise, stop charging.

thanks for helping me

If the price is already, let’s say, 10 cents and it stays 10 cents the flow wil not start because the price has not changed.

If you make it like:

IF the price has changed
AND the price is <12 cent
THEN charging on

then it should work.

Hi Mike, This is not my original flow. What you describe is clear to me. The problem is that the car is not starting to charge after the ‘charging on’ card. So I think I do something wrong with the app. Do I have to put it on manual, automatic, off, etc.

It looks likes the command start charging does not reach my tesla. And vice versa, when the tesla starts charging when I am at home the flow does not receive the information ‘charging started’

Have you ever tried to manually start the charging function with a very simple flow?

This should allow you to check if there is something wrong with the app.
And if there is something wrong with the app, I don’t know this app and I don’t know what settings you can/must make, then you should better ask your question in the appropriate thread.

thanks, this looks like to work. Then I have to look further

Now I have another problem. Why does this logic not work:
If battery is larger then 30% then set logic variable to no.
It seems the tesla does not give information to the tesla homey app.
Can someone tell what’s wrong?

Maybe the battery never went below 30% during your test period?

Like Didier, I also guess that the battery capacity never dropped below 30%.
To trigger the flow, the battery capacity must first be lower than 30%, and then rise above 30%.

I don’t know exactly what you want to achieve, but if you want that the logic variable should be set to YES, even if the battery capacity is already greater than 30%, than you have to change the flow like this:

– The battery level changed
Battery is greater than 30
– Set tesla batterij < 100 to Yes