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Telldus z-wave mini socket, can´t get it to work


Some days ago i bought the Telldus plug-in switch mini and simply can´t get it to work… I have done the following:

1.Downloaded Telldus app
2. Added plug-in switch mini
3. It finds the device and tries to add it but always fails on “Retreiving command class versions”

After that i can´t add it again since it´s already paired but doesn´t show as added device…
Then i tried again by removing the pair and that works, but when I try to add it again the same thing happen.

I have tried rebooting the homey, reinstalled telldus app etc but can´t get it to be added.

Rgs Henrik

Did you remove it with settings—zwave—remove device?

And also reset the device (look in the manuel of the device how to)

Thank you for the resonse.

Yes i removed it that way, but I haven´t reset the device according to its manual. I have only put it in pair mode again and tried to reAdd it. I will try to reset the device when I get home, I will update with the result.

Tried to reset the mini plug-in switch then tried to pair it again, but same result. “Retreiving command class versions” then fails… Any other idea?

Did you add the device in really close range with homey? Otherwise i dont have any idea, and its better to contact the devolper off the app.

Good luck


I had moved it closer and thought i was close enough to add the device, but moved even closer it so it was about 1 meter from homey and then everything went smooth. Thank you for the response.