Syslog of all evetns

I’ve a full secured home environment ( I’m a security engineer )
with: Fortinet FW, Switches, AP, FortiAnalyzer and FortiSIEM
now I want to add all events from the homey to my FortiSIEM
which should include:

  • login events
  • config changes
  • devices changes
  • triggered flows
  • etc…

how can I do this?
thx, Herbert

Login events, config changes: not possible.

Device changes: possibly the MQTT Hub app.

Triggered flow: Papertrails app.

But remember: Homey is a black box, most of the stuff that goes on internally is hidden from you.

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not so good …
how to do a NFR?

What’s that?

Oh, that means

New feature request is my guess

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Ah, in that case: tough chance that Athom will add extensive logging to Homey.

You can try here, Ideas & Suggestions - Homey Community Forum

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You could take a look here: GitHub - irritanterik/homey-realtime-logpage: Realtime Homey Logger based on known namespaces

You get a log more information (subscribing to all namespaces) although still a lot of events/information is missing.

I’ve uses the same method in an app to log specific flow information.