Switchbot app missing token after month using the app

switchbot app 1,4 on homey pro latest version . i cant see where i have to add te missing token. in the app setings i only see log possibilities which aint working because of the missing token.

When that makes no sense, better ask in the app topic:

Where to find this info:
App support and/or forum links are present at the bottom of app store pages (if provided for).

I only see this in configure app. Where to paste the token



As the new version uses OAuth2 to login, you no longer need to copy a token from the SwitchBot app. So, if you have the error coming up saying it has a missing token then try to user the repair option on one of the devices. That should walk you through the login procedure again to obtain a new token.
It appears that SwitchBot are not renewing the refresh token as part of fetching a new access token and it only last for 1 month. Therefore, I think the devices will need to be repaired every month. I will ask my contact if this can be changed as it is not very convenient.


@Adrian_Rockall thanks for the constructive post, that worked.

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