Student trying to find smart homeowners (HELP)

Hey guys!

I’m a master student from the University of Amsterdam. I’m studying Information Studies and for my thesis, I wanted to interview people that own smart home devices to find out more about the user experience. If some of you could help me that would be great. It would be an informal interview of around 30min where I ask you questions about your experience. Because of the covid-19 measures taken a video call seemed most suitable. It can also just be a phone call/video call, so you dont have to shower and get ready before it hahaha xD

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Hi Larissa_uva,

I’ve seen a post on this forum before, asking for smart home owners to answer some questions. I am familiar with the struggle of finding enough respondents for a thesis, so I sympathize with you. However, a (video)-call with a complete stranger is kind of holding me back (and perhaps some others here as well). Would it be possible to participate in an online survey? In Dutch or English, whatever works for you!

Hey Neuron44,

Thanks for your reply. At the moment I am really looking for interviews, as I think this is the best way to get the feel and opinion of users and their user experience. This was also advised by my supervisor. However, if I decide to do an online survey I will most certainly let you know.


you can contact me @ e-m_e.r;y@e.m, (without strange signs ;))

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Thanks Emeryf. I dont fully understand. Is it not possible for you to send me a private message? As you can see I’m a new Homey forum user. xD

As you were a new member on the forum, they aren’t allowed to sent and receive messages, i’ve upgraded your level so it should be possible for you now to receive messages, don’t make me change my mind though.

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Oh wow okay. thank you very much for helping!

Hey Larissa, i could help you out. Send me a message and we could get in touch.


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Hi Larissa, just send me a Private mail. I would like to help you with an online interview. I run Homey and some other systems we can discuss.


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Hit me up, no provlem! :slight_smile:

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If you are still interested you can contact me.

Same goes for me, if interested please contact me.