Student searching for smart homeowners (HELP)

Hey guys!

I’m a master student from the University of Amsterdam. I’m studying Information Studies and for my thesis, I wanted to interview people that own smart home devices to find out more about the user experience. If some of you could help me that would be great. It would be an informal interview of around 30min where I ask you questions about your experience. Because of the covid-19 measures taken a video call seemed most suitable. It can also just be a phone call/video call, so you dont have to shower and get ready before it hahaha xD

Let me know!


You prefer a call, but no possibility to send you private message???

Hey Mr_D! I’m new to the forum. I did not realize you couldn’t send me a private message on this platform. I’m trying to find the best/safest way for both the interviewees and I to communicate.

If you are interested in the interview please let me know and I will add your account name to the list.


Go ahead and add me.


As you were a new member on the forum, they aren’t allowed to sent and receive messages, i’ve upgraded your level so it should be possible for you now to receive messages, don’t make me change my mind though.

I will lock this post though as 1 post is more the enough for such a topic.

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