Stickers for buttons and devices? Where to get them?

Most sheets of stickers I’ve found on Aliexpress is really aimed at car scenarios. Have anyone found simple, typical household icons in black on white stickers to put on smart buttons and devices? I mean anywhere! It doesn’t have to be on Aliexpress.

With “typical household icons” I mean lamps, bulbs, doors in various positions, room categories, activities… any symbols representing anything we typically automate with buttons and the like.

Stickers like these often come with products you buy, but they rarely fit my needs and I would really like a better selection.

This one might be the best I’ve found so far, but again, I would rather not have the text labels on there. That’ll usually be too specific.

Buy a labelprinter and make them on a PC. For instance the Brother P-Touch CUBE pro can print labels up to 24mm (that’s laminated tape that lasts forever). The tape is available in numerous colors.


That is a viable solution. More expensive than €0.54, but still doable. And flexible!

The quality is there. I have P-Touch labels that are +20 years old that still look like printed yesterday. You can even start your own “Home-Automation Sticker-store” to earn back the money :bulb:

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Ok, cause that’s the next question: I have also label makers, but smaller ones, handhold, and they print icons, but is the print durable if you press it 5 times a day for the next 20+ years? The ones I have will for sure not last that long. They would wear out and fade away…

The Aliexpress stickers probably won’t last that long either. It will depend on how long they last if you use the laminated labels, or just normal labels (those will get dirty and won’t last as long).

Yes, it will survive this with ease. To be clear: I don’t have a business in this area, but I’m quite fond of the quality of this tape and use it for over 25 years.


I just found this. Worth a peek:

FLIC sell assorted stick on button labels too.

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This suggestion just gets better and better, Lacabo :slight_smile: :+1:

A couple of days ago I ordered the Cube Plus myself and it arrived today. The speed is very ok and (being used to 12mm tape) the 24mm tape is huge!

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