NEO Coolcam C E

I already installed some neo coolcam glass plate switches and I am happy with them. As I want to install them everywhere in my house I just did the frightning discovery that they are not C E approved ?
They carry the CE = China Export label but do not have the European C E label it seems.
Has anyone had any issues with that (thinking of fire insurance etc) ?


At what shop did you buy them?

I bought items on aliexpress and robbshop

Are you sure the one from Robbshop has no ce mark?
CE mark

There is a CE but it is not the official european CE. The C and E have more space between them. Also the font is slightly different. It is the China Export CE …

If you are sure that the CE mark is incorrect, I would send an email to the seller in the Netherlands
I have no idea whether it makes sense to send an email to the Aliexpress seller.