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Cheap or Best devices for your Smart Home?

Hi all!

“I have a dream”… (heard it before?)

There are a lot of brands from the simplest switches to more advanced thermostats and more… But what brand has best function to the price?
I have for instance used the NEXA 433 swiches a few years, and have a lot of them. (Sweden)
But when it comes to making the home more automatic I will need motion sensors, door locks, thermostats and all the other stuff that warn me, help me and react to things…
But there must be brands that work Just as well or better, that are cheaper…

Some brands or products might have diffrent standards like EU/UK/US etc but some might work no matter were you are. Like Motion sensors… (And some adapt to all standards)

I would like to know what You think is worth buying.

Is Philip Hue the best bulbs considering the price, or are there cheaper brands that is good enough with the
same function and compatible with Homey? (IKEA is said to start colour bulbs now too…)

What Switches, Sensors, bulbs, cameras, thermostats is there, that is working good enough without the need to spend the big money??? (And works/soon will work with Homey of course…)
And don’t forget those DIYs…

Do Anyone know of a collection of smart home devices that list these things, or can we start something here?? From were you can order what devices and so on…

As I said… It’s a dream. Big Ideas…
But it might help New brands into Homey and a lot of people to be able to get started using Homey…

It all depends on ur own standards. I meself have high standards and want products that are brilliant in my opinion. Like everyone has his own meaning of brilliant , all have an opinion of what is good enough.
In ur example of Hue vs IKEA , IKEA don’t reach my standards by far. In the Harman kardon vs Sonos race, my standards are with Sonos. So the cheap vs good is gonna be a hard one me guess.

I think you should buy one appliance unit and test.
I you use 433 mhz for example which are very cheep
maybe nexa or some similar so do they have better reach
than wifi, and the units with batteri lasts longer than wifi often.
You could build your smarthome quite cheep and it will work
exactly as good as the expensive units, they fails more.

Regards Bjorn

All true…
In many cases there are no shortcuts to find… That is if one have those High standards… :wink:
But sometimes it is enough with “just” white lights, or “just” any loudspeaker. Because the step from nothing to something is a good start. And maybe even good enough.

Thanks Bjorn!

These are nice things to keep in mind!

Yes Jojje, I have layed a lot of hours, days, months, years(haha).

On thisAutomate things, I must tell you that in my case it could

end with a divorce, nothing worked with normal switches anymore.

The only person who could the whole scenario was me, and it was maybe

not arranged for the everyday use, more like different things happens in the house

all the time.

Now I am divorced, but not for that reason (i think haha), so now with my second friend

Homey super ball, I can have a pal and use it as I will.

Regards Bjorn

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For me, it’s a complete mixture of function vs useability.

For smart sockets, I do not see the added value of buying the more expensive ones like fibaro. The neo coolcam ones deliver whatever I need.

Led spots in common areas like hallways are all operated bij kaku switches or dimmers which on itself work reliable enough. But in specific rooms I use fibaro dimmer switches because they have just more settings and work just more sophisticated.

My audio stuff just need to work. So Sonos is for me the best option.

Motion detection is again based on the needed function. The toilet and some closets are equipped with Xiamo aqara body sensors. But due my cat I can’t use these through the house. So in all the rooms I have fibaro motion sensors which have a 0-255 sensitivity setting instead of 3 of 4 (low-mid-high) setting.

Thanks for great tips and tricks!

I came to think of those fixed dimmable light bulbs I have seen here in Sweden too…
I have found lights with 3-4 steps… 0 (off), 20%, 50%, 100%.
You “dim” them by turning them Off and On again within a certain time… (with a common switch)

But How should one do to regulate this through Homey, if you have some sort of switch to control the light? Can you create a logic that counts what light level the light actually have?
Or is it perhaps easier to just ask Homey to “Dim Lights” to do a “off-on” flow/sequence??
Any ideas?