Start next step in flow only after previous one has ended successfully


I took an entirely different approach to get the end result. I asked on this forum if someone had an idea to simplify it (no-one responded, so it’s perfect probably :slight_smile:)

In your case it would boil down to this:
First flow: (don’t turn on light here)
Set variable to 0.1 (10%)
Send event
Start next flow

2nd flow: If variable is smaller than 1.0 Increase variable to +0.01
Then restart this flow after 5 seconds (or something)
Else send push message “light is 100%”

3rd flow:
If variable is changed
Set bulb to variable value

The first flow starts everything and sends you a message
The second flow loops and changes a variable by a small value every so many seconds
This way the 3rd flow manages the bulb brightness directly when the variable changes

In my example the bulb would raise from 10% to 100% (900 steps * 5 seconds = 4500 seconds / 75 minutes)
You may need to tweak it a little here and there, but the base idea works for me.