If not -> wait 60 minutes then test again

I am trying to set up a advanced flow to turn on my lights after sun set but only if the electrical price is below a certain limit. If its not, the I want the flow to try again in 60 minutes (when the electrical price might be lower). But I can’t figure this out in one flow.

Any smart ideas?

Either set the flow just every hour and check if its sundown (and let it trigger at sundown), or, you need* a timer App like Countdown or Chronograph and set a countdown/timer to one hour when the sun goes down. Every time the countdown triggeres, restart them if the sun is still down.

* I guess you could ofc just start a checkflow after a wait of one hour, but if homey restarts, this kind of delays do not work, so, when using more then a couple of minutes, i would suggest a Countdown/Timer app.

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I think this is what you asked for:

But due to the already mentioned problem with the delay card, I would also prefer a timer app.

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About the issue when Homey restarts, does that happen? I have a notification in the timeline every time it restarts, because mine does every day 03:00 (read somewhere that this was a good idea long time ago) and I have never seen that notification any other time then 03:00.
And if it does, the only thing that happens is that my light don’t turn on, no big deal.

I personally do not reset Homey by default, only when it’s needed (which means updates or when i really mess around during development of an app).

The full reboot takes quite some time, meanwhile my house is “offline” and doesn’t register everything. So i don’t like to reboot my Homey.

Als, when you use the (default) Delay, you cannot alter or cancel the command. And if you set the light off manually, for whatever reason, it will still be turned on after the 60 minutes delay.

On the other hand, sometimes, a default delay is just all you need. :wink:

Normally it shouldn’t be necessary to restart Homey over and over again. I don’t restart my Homey at intervals either.
Some Homey users have problems with the RAM running full after a relatively short time. Then it makes sense to restart the Homey again and again. However, such a problem should not occur and you should contact Athom support.

Same here, only when I think it is neccesary, or after an update.
When you have ‘misbehaving’ apps, you can just restart those apps.

Oh and check your backups if you have a subscription, they run at night, (here around 2AM), I don’t know if it is getting restarted when the schedule was interrupted by a Homey restart procedure.

Don’t forget: Some Apps log a lott of info. Very handy on crashes, but, it doesn’t get cleared (enough), only on restart. Thats why Homey gets full, it depends on the apps for a big part.

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