Start Apps from the Device Menu

How can I start an App (App with own GUI) from the Menu Devices ?

No need to start Apps, they run always, unless you stop them via the Apps page (under More)

Thanks for your answer, but this is clear for me.

I mean these apps which have an own GUI, even like the “Battery Monitor” or the “Lampen&Schalter Monitor” or “Temeprature Manager” etc.¨¨

I don’t want to go always under the menu “More” / “Apps” …start the Apps…Close the App…Go back to "More…go Back to “Apps”.

There is only 1 way to do this, by requesting it to Athom.
But I kinda doubt they will implement such a thing as the settings page is, well, a settings page, not necessarily meant as GUI for data.

On my iPhone I can hold my finger for a second on the app and then it will show me the GUI.