Spotify playlist wouldnt load

hi all,

I’m trying to load a playlist in ‘play a playlist’. But homey doesnt find anything.

How to resolve this?

At first it seems there is no playlist but you need t start with searching one. If you for instance enter the first three letters of a playlist you know exists a list of matching results will appear.

Hope you figure it out

all i get is a network errors.
I tried it on serveral devices

That does not look good. Sorry but I can’t help any further than ask if you’ve connected all items nessesary to homey, like Spotify. If that’s the case sorry can’t help any further.

First maybe share more info… like wich apps your using.

I believe the app should support spotify otherwise it wont work.

When using the spotify app on homey, make sure the speakers your using are spotify connect speakers, if not it likely wont work (according the app discription on the homey app store)