Spotify not responding


If I create a Flow like this :

  • When a bulb is switched on
  • Then play a playlist on Spotify

It works correctly the first time but not when triggerd a second time unless a good lapse of time has occurred (not seconds, several minutes). Or if a different track has been played on Spotify. It’s like Spotify needs to be reset before working again.
I noticed this kind of malfunction also with different Flows activating Spotify.

Spotify is been played on different alexa devices at home.

Is it something I can fix? It’s a bug in the app?

Thank you

This is a command to start some thing, to start it again, it should be stopped first by a command.

Thank you for your help,

There’s a second flow that when the bulb is switched off then the Spotify is set to pause.

Anyway I fixed it this way :

When the bulb is on
Play a playlist on Spotify
Set to shuffle play
Move to the next track

Using this combination I found it working everytime and, most important, everytime the bulb is on there’s a different track playing

Thank you again and have a nice evening

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If you have any problem with Spotify. You may try Musconv for fixing this problems. Thanks