Speech to Text?

I see plenty of options around tts (Text To Speech), but is there anything for speech to text? I use google home and Alexa. I want to be able to have either of them send a text version of my speech command to homey, so that it can be used as a flow input (as a text variable). If not with those devices, are there any out there that can do such a thing?

You’d need some kind of app or equivalent on the Alexa or Google device. I don’t use either of those so can’t help directly but with Apple HomePods you could set up a shortcut using the Apple Shortcuts app that takes input via voice and then sends the resulting text via a webhook to Homey. I guess there might be something similar for Alexa or Google.

Right, I checked for such a thing on google and alexa. I’ll see what is possible with apple shortcuts - I didn’t think that was able to do webhooks.

Yes there’s a shortcuts card to make an HTTP request from a shortcut. More here: Intro to web APIs in Shortcuts on iPhone or iPad – Apple Support (UK)