Soundboard/Sonos support for Sonos play:1 / 5 stopped after update to V5?!

My Homey updated to V5 last night. All my flows which have my Sonos speakers (3 PLay:1 en 1 Play:5) stopped working (with an exclamation mark in the flow). Via soundboard I used to trigger a sound via one or more Sonos speakers (e.g. my alarm, doorbell etc.). I can’t seem to select a Sonos speaker anymore via Soundboard…very unhappy with the update at the moment :frowning_face:

Has support for the Play:1 stopped in V5 or am I doing something wrong?
In case of support ended - will a restore of a backup put everything back to V4 and working again?
Thnx for thinking along!

Tip 1:
Disable ALL automagicly updates!

couldn’t find in the app that it isn’t supported anymore, so thought I’d go for it…
So not supported anymore or doing something wrong?

Soundboard, say and things like play an audio clip are not supported anymore on the S1 speakers yes.
More topics about this.

thnx, overlooked that.
I was indeed able to reconnect my Play:1 and :5, but the issue now is that in Soundboard I don’t have an option to steer the sound to Sonos (or in Sonos to select a soundboard mp3). Is there a way to fix this?


You could use the Play URL function in combination with a webserver instead and copy your mp3 there.

Fritz NAS also works.

slightly off-topic - did a restore to 4.2. Restore itself works fine, although during the startup (while Homey is not reachable via the app) the update to V5 is also processed, so no option to quickly turn off auto update while still being on V4.2 :scream:
I hardly dare to ask - is there a way around this?

thnx, will give it a try…

thnx, this works great!

I am almost publishing a generic Upnp player.
This will allowed playing files from any UPnP server to be found through browsing (with thumbnails) in Homey, and sending the URL to any device.
Partly to replace Soundboard and keep storage on Homey Close to zero.

I’ll start a topic today and post the link here.
UPnP Player - A Generic storages place for your Homey, speakers, tv’s or other media devices - Apps - Homey Community Forum (