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Sony android tv


I added my Sony android TV with the Bravia android app to my homey.
But i can only turn my tv on and off.

Is this a common problem.

Regards, Max

If you use flows there’s many more options (channel up/down, volume up/down, switch to a particular channel).

Do you mean that none of those options work? Or haven’t you found those options yet?

Alright, that works :slight_smile:

Another question.
Are you familiair with the Entone APP in Homey? I added in the homey but i have multiple Entone settop boxes.
I need to control 1 of it but does not go on.

Sorry, I’m not :frowning:

Plz stick to 1 subject. It’s not gonna look very organized when u ask questions about Entone in a Sony android tv topic?