Sonoff switch- new one without zero line

How can i connect this switch to homey?

Did you look at the info wich is mention on the app page of the Sonoff app ?

There is also alot of topics about it , if you would have search on Sonoff like example this (also mentiond on the app pages.

But the devolper of the app and the Sonoff expert is @robertklep :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:so i guess he could help you the best with this .

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U r helping me out a lot today :slight_smile:

Mmm so yes i serch in homey app store for sonoff and notice that the module i listed is not there…there is a lot of other, but not this one… So i wes wondering if is it possible to add this one
Maybe even without tasmota…

Without Tasmota it’s certainly not going to work. With Tasmota it probably will work, but only if you configure it as one of the supported devices (like the T1).

so u think if i foash it to tasmota it will work… Il give it a try
10x again :slight_smile: