Can't add Sonoff TH10 anymore to My Homey Pro

Hey! I can no longer add Sonoff TH10 to my Homey pro if I select TH10/TH16 in the Sonoff app, I then get a timeout, however I can add it as Sonoff generic but then Homey can’t see the temperature sensor. I have tried with Tasmota 9.4.0 and 9.5.0. Have restarted the Sonoff app and Homey several times but it still doesn’t work. Suspects that something has happened in the latest updates. I have 3 pcs TH10 that I installed earlier without any problems about 2 months ago. Runs on Homey 7.1.1 and Sonoff 4.0.9. I have 2 TH10 that I need to add, neither of them works, both get timeout. The Tasmota web server in them works perfectly. Anyone have any idea?
Best regards Peter

The Sonoff app only works with Tasmota 6 or lower (as stated on the app page), and it’s EOL. Try the Tasmota app instead.

Thank you very much Robert. I installed Tasmota 6.7.1 and it worked directly. The problem with the Tasmota app is that I have no idea how to configure it and how it works, I’m a newbie . Do you know where I can find any guide or instructions or Youtube instructions?

I don’t use it myself :sweat_smile: