SOMFY Blinds long press

I´m using somfy app to control my blinds. Works good for normal operation.
But I would like to turn off my Somfy sun and wind sensor. On the remote I select station 5(all leds) and long press, to toggle between on and off.
Is there a way to control that via Homey pro?

When you say Somfy app, do you mean the Somfy phone app or the Homey’s Somfy Tahoma and Connexoon app?
Is it possible to toggle them using the Somfy phone app?

Sorry, I mean the Somfy app in homey pro.
I only have a remote to my Somfy blinds. Nothing else.

Are you using the RTS app or the Somfy Tahoma and Connexoon app?
If you have a Tahoma or Connexoon gateway then you can use the Somfy phone app as well.

If it is just direct RTS, then you would need to talk to Athom, but I doubt that will go well as they are busy with the new HP23 so haven’t got time for old apps.

That is Athom’s app so you will need to ask them.