Some ideas for insights

I love insights!
I use it a lot to monitor my freshly created logic an flows, and to see if they did what i expected the last 24 hours. Some things would make life even more easier, such as:

  • Be able to store some sort of template for the selected sensors, so you can go to a specific ‘dashboard’ without having to select all the charts that you wish to see every time.
  • Be able to move the order of selected charts. Sometimes it is better to have two outputs directly below each other for better insight. If you’ve selected a lot of things, you’ll have to remove all those inbetween them and reselect later. A simple drag&drop will do the job :slight_smile:
  • Do some UI improvements on mobile. Most of the time the button ‘apply selection’ is outside the view, or the top-header. Some css bugs i guess. Why not the same as desktop, just select without submit.

Just my 2 cents…:wink:


Hi Kevin. Thanks for this post. Did you get in touch with Atom? I am struggling with the same request as you listed there. Insights without a dashboard, where you can store graphs and reissue them automatically is tedious. Also that you cannot rearrange.

Did you get any feedback or did you find a solution for your request?

Thanks for a brief feedback.


Also they have to add the possibility to visualize using different graph types.
Spline interpolated line graphs are not good when you for example have a water heater that is on/off with 2kW.
Also electric prices change instantly every hours, and shows up terrible…

The middle graph down below, is actually a heating element of 2kW that goes on and off instantly, but who would imagine that…?