SOLVED: Major bug in flow for web?

SOLVED: I am using both the app and flow for web to edit my flows.
Last week I have been updating some flows (using logic i.s.o better logic)

To my great shock today I noticed when opening flow for web: My updates are gone!!

But when I opened the app, they are back

Do we have a major bug in flow for web? Showing oudated flow information?
Or do I have incorrect settings in flow for web?

See below screenshots of app and web:

Can anyone verify this behaviour?
(If confirmed I will file a ticket at Athom)

Did some more testing.
Flow for web is working fine.
It just shows things different than the app
1 i.s.o the variable name flow for web shows the actual value of the variable. When you open the card youdo see the variable
2 the app shows rhe variable not the value.

The thing was: I had just replaced fixed values by variables. So at 1st impression it looked like something was badly wrong.
Luckily my trust in homey is back now…

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