Simple infoscreen using html/js and micro web server


@Shakesbeard has made the Micro Web server app, great! I have been looking for how to make very simple info screen from information got from Homey. I have tried the Homeydash, but I would like to have more control over what to show in the screen. I’m very noob in making the html/js pages so need some help to start or someone to say that it’s not possible.

My idea is that there would be local web page in which some of the information got from Homey is displayed. At this point only numbers would be sufficient, I can start from that. Haven’t got any clue how to do this so not sure I’m asking the right questions. I think I can manage to do the web pages with not so much effort and get the webpage shown throught the micro server app.

But the question is that how one can link the information to the webpage from Homey? For example I want to show some better logic variable value. Should you run mqtt server or something else from which you can link and show the information in the web page?

Is this possible somehow? If it is, how? Can someone show some examples or a guide how to do this?

Thanks for the tip. I’m familiar with the node red based dashboard.

I was still looking more simple solution just to show some numerical information.

Still based on MQTT i use magicmirror to show various values on screens/mirrors in my house.

One option with mqtt and android device