Shelly rgbw2 homey integration

Hello everyone. I have an AC-DC converter (230V AC to 12V DC), switch, 1x LED stripe (with just 2 outputs ("+" and “-”) so it’s not RGBW), Shelly RGBW2 and Homey with Shelly App installed.

I used schematic on the picture. I’am able to connect Shelly into Homey (I see devices " Shelly RGBW2 White1 ", " Shelly RGBW2 White2 ", " Shelly RGBW2 White3 " and " Shelly RGBW2 White4 "). I think one of them is control for my LED stripe. I connect my LED to " W " channel so it’s maybe White4…

After all I can’t control my LED. LED doesn’t light. What’s wrong? But it works using Shelly app (outside Homey).

Now I have this problem…how should I connect Shelly to my wifi?

You should give Shelly a fixed IP address in your network, which you typically do in your router.

Well I did it and still same error.

Did you change the settings of the Shelly device in the Homey app?

It works! Thank you for help.