Shelly Pro 4PM only switches one channel after update

Since version 3.21.4 my Shelly pro 4 PM devices will only switch the first channel when used in Homey. In the native Shelly app everything still works fine. When I switch a channel in the Shelly app, Homey does show how much power is used by the channel. Both my Shelly devices have the same issue.

I’ve tried restarting the Shelly app, restarting my Homey Pro, turning the power on and off and shuffeling the devices connected to the Shelly device. I also tried updating the Shelly Pro’s firmware. All without any luck.

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Please use the support topic next time: [APP][Pro&Cloud] Shelly

Nothing changed in this functionality in the latest release so it’s probably something else triggered after the update. Do you have a static IP assigned to your Pro 4PM? Did you check the device settings under channels 2-4 to make sure it reflects the correct IP address of the Pro 4PM?

And if that is all correct, could you send me a diagnostic report.

A last resort is to re-pair the device and see if that fixes the issue.

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Thank you for your reply. The solution you lead me to was as simple as it was brilliant. Somehow the IP-address of the Shelly Pro changed this morning. The first channel of the Shelly device in Homey followed that IP-address but the other channels didn’t.

I changed the addresses of the other channels to the new IP-address of the first channel and now everything works just fine.

The fact that the new version of the Shelly app was installed this morning might have nothing to do with the problem.

Thank you for the quick solution!