Shelly H&T Humidity and Temperature

Shelly H&T (Humidity and Temperature) installed/added in Homey, but can’t see any information from the sensor; temperature, battery% and so on…
Works fine in the Shelly app, but no info in Homey. What should I do?
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Please take a look at

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Same problem… what’s the solution?

Same problem here. It seems the Shelly app for Homey has a problem. No data for 4 weeks already. Also after readding

Long story short. The way the Shelly HT works makes it hard to read out using the current implementation which polls the devices. Your best bet is to update to the 3.x version of the app. This version requires Homey firmware 5.x though and is therefor only available in the test channel of the app store.

So you have two options. Wait for Athom to release firmware 5.x to stable or update to experimental channel and update to firmware 5.x right now at your own risk. After that you can install the test version of the Shelly app. More info here [APP] Shelly - #1097 by Phuturist

And please use the offiial support topic for other support questions, I dont read the entire forum.