Shelly 2PM Custom Homekit firmware & Homey Pro Support

I’m soon going to be buying the Homey Pro to control (amongst other things), my external window shutters throughout my home. Whilst the plan is to use homey for most automations etc. it would still be nice to have native Apple home kit support.

Whilst I understand Shelly 2PM is supported by Homey, is the Shelly 2PM with custom firmware supported. e.g this one: GitHub - mongoose-os-apps/shelly-homekit: Apple HomeKit firmware for Shelly's

Unless anyone can recommend an alternative to the Shelly with HomeKit and Homey support out of the box?

Has anyone any experience of doing this?

Homey supports the regular Shelly firmware. If the alternative is backward compatible with that, it should work. If not, it won’t work.

Alternatively, you can use the regular Shelly firmware and use one of Homey’s HomeKit implementations to expose the device to your iDevices.

Ooooh, thankyou ! I didn’t know that was even a thing! Yes, that sure seems as though it would offer the best solution possible!