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Set Variable

I am looking for how to set an existing variable in a then card that the variable becomes the content of a text arg.

Something Like this?

(WebApp so read Bottom -Up :wink: )

yes indeed but then about the code of the logic card


and simpler just value → var

set … as …



How to code this card?

Don’t have to it is build in.
Shared flow is from Homey (beta)

I know that but I want to make a similar flow for my own app and I want to find out how to change the value of a variable.

Hi there,
To just change a variable follow this example

thanks for your answer but I’m looking for the code behind this map and not how this map works for making a more complex variant myself.

Looks more for a question for #developers category

indeed I guess you’ll probalby have to gonna use Homey script then…Im not familiar with that

I’m just looking for a way to adjust a variable in my own homey app environment.

well im sorry I don’t have a clue what you would like to do.
Could you state OR define more clear what you mean with

Since the example from @Dijker and mine are made in the homey app on my phone

Seem not so clear for everyone, You are writing an App for Homey
Maybe have a look at the HomeyScript examples.

in the examples you create a new variable but I want to modify a file variable.

The whole to what the variable has to be adjusted goes in an input field.

Which variable should be adapted to it is a 'droptoken.

Aah sorry now it’s clear to me about your own app, sorry can’t help you there

Have you looked a Tokens Tokens - Homey Apps SDK

I think the only way to access variables is via the web API Variable - Homey Web API

Stored in a global token - Developers - Homey Community Forum