Set dimlevel relative to lux


My setup is a Aquara Lux sensor and a Plejd Dimmer. Is it posible to set dimlevel relative to lux-value? So when it gets darker, the dimlevel goes down.

Yes, it’s possible. For this I would use variables and lux ranges, e.g. if lux between 0 - 1000 then set variable “Dimming level 10%” to Yes. And so on.

If you’re good at math you could also try to use a formula that calculates a dim level (between 0-1) from the lux value. The best way is to use one flow that calculates a variable when the lux changes, the other flow should change the dim level when the variable changes. If you put both actions in one flow you will have the risk that the dim level is set before the variable calculation is done, unless you use a delay.

In order to create such a formula you will need to know some key values (what lux level should be max brightness, what lux level is your lowest brightness, and what is the minimum and maximum dim levels you want?

Dear Wilson1,

there once was an app called SPLINES, a really great app. I am sorry, that this cool tool is not available anymore - maybe it will return, so keep an eye on the posts here, regarding this app.

With the app it is or would be possible to create a reference between two values.

The current lux level on one side and the dim level to be set on the other side (and for those who still have the app on their homey, I know that SPLINES was not originally intended for this, but it works without much math).

Sorry, that this post won’t help you for now, but maybe you can use this information in the future.


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