Send raw pronto hex IR commando's (new feature)

Did anyone already try this new feature in the latest v10.1.0-rc.4 experimental firmware update?

Do I understand correctly that we can operate IR devices without a Homey app with it, if we know the hex IR command?

And how to get those hex values?

Any thoughts on this?

Ever heared about Google?

Ever heared of a Community forum where you can discuss new features of a smart home platform?

Perhaps someone else does have a use full addition here…

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I think he was just suggesting to search on Google for the pronto hex codes of your device.

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Could be, but: c’est le ton qui fait la musique :wink:

Any experience with this yet?
Do I read between your lines that I guessed right that this can be used in such a way?

If so, I suppose it would be used for more “exotic” remote for which there is no Homey app.
What if these hex codes can’t be found online too?

This is how to get new users … very mature … very helpfull … NOT

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Sorry I was rude, it was more meaned as a bit sarcastic tip, I should have added a smily :upside_down_face:

Thanks for your compliment, good thad you are so helpful with your answer.:+1:

Please guys… Henk… Maybe Jan should have wrapped his hint in gift-paper, and end his reply with a hug and a kiss (you know what I mean I hope),
but I just tried to duckduckgo (google, without google), and the first result was bingo, can’t help it, sorry :blush:. Jan really tried to point you in a direction.

I do hope this info gets anyone further in using pronto hex codes on your Pro 2023.

A bit jealous though, while my Pro 2019 is ignored with this cool functionality.
I only got this lousy 8-years-too-late update :see_no_evil::woozy_face::sweat_smile: :
" Adds the ability to add notes to a device in the device’s settings (requires Mobile App version 7.4.2"

Kiss and hugs :kiss::kiss::kiss:
The real wars are not in here.

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No, just not true. We should care about how we address each other.
Thanks @JPe4619 for your reply. We are ok then. :wink:

Back on-topic:
I be found the database eventually (if you add “raw” before Peters search term, Google can’t find it).
But what if a device is not listed there?
Can someone point me in that direction too?
(yes I do find some on Google too, but Hopefully someone has a bit easier way here)

Anyone tried this new Homey feature yet?

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At this point, I would like to remind you of points 1 and 5 of the Welcome to the forum! thread.

So please be polite, give constructive feedback and stay on topic.

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I’m using it on my Homey Pro 2023 early edition with much delight since I’ve got devices that are rare and not in the Athom IR database. Because I’ve got the Proto HEX for those it save (me) a lot of trouble creating “IR devices” for Homey (which I can’t).

There’s just two issues left:

  • The Homey Pro early 2016 does not have this feature yet
  • I can’t use Homey 2016 to learn or grab The Proto HEX code from IR devices that are unknown (the first Homey has a receiver and can learn IR - so this should be possible)

+1 for the Pronto HEX flowcard for the Pro 201x models!


All white ball Homeys can receive IR signals
It’s hidden under RF signals for some reason :see_no_evil:

Just now I pushed a button on some IR remote pointed to a Homey Pro 2019:


Pronto hex codes can be tested though (for when you build apps f.i.)

Thought this would solve my problems but unfortunately Bridge in satellite mode can not send the Pronto hex.

Oh I would expect it could. Did you ask support if sending Pronto hex codes really is limited to the Pro 2023 IR only?

Yes, unfortunately it is not possible, asked support. If you have a ir device you can change so Bridge sends it but not when sending Pronto hex.

Owh, bummer. Did they say anything about if it’s possible in the future?

Not more than than some ordinary message that they should look at it but no promise. Had a separate ticket if they could add IR codes for Benq TK700STI and got about the same message.

I see. Well, to look on the bright side: it’s on the list :blush:

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