Select next/previous of a sequence of flows

Hi all.

I’ve tried searching for this a couple of times on different occasions but haven’t found an easier way to do this. I’m wondering if there is.

Here’s the concept (simplified):

I’ve got a certain number of lighting scenes.
Let’s say the following:

  1. blue
  2. red
  3. orange
  4. yellow
  5. green

I want to control my lights with two buttons:

A) next lighting scene
B) previous lighting scene

(both with wraparound behavior)

Currently I store a number in a variable.
A increases the variable
B decreases the variable

I’ve got severals flows set up triggering on that variable changing:

  • If variable below minimum (1) set variable to maximum (5) (= wraparound)
  • If variable above maximum (5) set variable to minimum (1) (= wraparound)
  • If variable set to # set lighting scene #

So all in all I have 4 + # lighting scene = 9 flows configured in order to get the behavior I want.

Kinda cumbersome to set up and also to modify.

It would be nice to be able to configure a sequence or enum or array where for each value you could configure a corresponding flow to be executed and some “Sequence flow cards” with “Next sequence step” and “Previous sequence step”.

This way, adding a new lighting scene would be a matter of creating a flow to set that scene and configuring the sequence with the additional value and that corresponding flow.

I know that this can be done with HomeyScript and given time at some point will try do use HomeyScript to reduce the number of flows I need.

For an experienced person it shouldn’t even be that hard to create a Homey app for this.

I’m just surprised this doesn’t seem to exist yet nor find anyone asking for this kind of feature.

Was I simply unlucky with my searches and is anybody aware of a Homey app that supports this?
(Or willing to create one, but that’s a stretch I realize)

Or does anyone know a simpler way of realizing this behavior?

I’m eager to hear thoughts from fellow community members!

Kind regards,


You could look at Flow Event Bus App for Homey | Homey
I used it for a similar scenario a few years back.

Or there is the newer Homey Community Store that might be able to do it.

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I actually use Flow Event Bus.
I don’t see yet though how I could use it to simplify/optimize the suggested functionality.

Could you elaborate on how you would implenent this using the Flow Event Bus?

Like Adrian suggested, the H.O.O.P. flow programmer can do this in one flow (okay, I needed 2), but idk if things get more clear/organized.
Here’s an example, to dim a light to low, middle, high and off, by pushing the same knob, in a sequence loop. That’s like switching to the next scene in your situation.
Maybe this is what you’re looking for.

While the text on some cards runs out of space, here’s a screenshot of the ‘and’ section of flow1: