Se connecter

Bonjour, je n’arrive pas à me connecter, voici via la photo ce que ça me marque

Welcom to this forum.
Sorry, this is the English spoken part of this forum, please translate to get assistance

Hello, I can not connect, here is via the photo what it marks me

Did you connect your phone to the wifi-network that is shown in the screenshot?

my mobile is set to wifi as indicated in the photo the second orange D0369

First of all, welcome to the Homey Community!

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What type of phone do you use?
What Network / SSID is your phone connected to?
You should connect to the HomeySetup-abc123 network and despite no Internet connection keep it and turn back to this screen in the Homey app.

Then you should be able to connect your Homey to your own network/SSID.