Sattelite mode on the new Homey Pro

How exactly does the sattelite mode works with the new Homey Pro and the Homey Bridge?

I heard something in the Keynote about acting as a repeater.

Does this mean it will act as a regular repeater for for example Z-Wave?
Or is it more like a repeater but bridged via WiFi or ethernet?
The latter is usefull for me. Ethernet and WiFi has coverage in the whole house. It would be great if I can extend all protocols and standards via Ethernet to somewhere in the garage.

But just acting as a repeater in a mesh is just the same as a standard powered Z-wave device.


What about bluetooth will it be extended, too?

e.g. Home Assistant has now a bluetooth proxy (works fine with the xiaomi plant senors & HA)
ESPHome Bluetooth Proxy

But… but… a zwave or zigbee smart socket does the same and runs local

Can the old Homey Pro also act as a repeater?


Sad to hear that Zigbee and ZWave only act as a repeater in Sattelite mode. The question was answered in the AMA.
So it works just like any other powered device in the mesh network.

That means you cannot extend the functionality to a room with poor coverage where you have WiFi or Ethernet. For example a garage.
Only 443 and IR are bridged that way.

@psvjw @David this might be interesting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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And @psvjw and @David, if you need something specific, just let me know.

You now (when it’s released) can already start flows on the “old homey”.

Thuse, you can keep it as a separate entity with its own Zwave devices, which you can control through the New Homey by flows.


I’d like to know this too! Anyone tested this? Is adding a homey bridge in sattelite mode extending the BLE range?

Thanks for the Bluetooth proxy tip. I’ll use that with HA and transfer my aqara plant sensors to that system then