Samsung TV and Alexa

I want to use Alexa to control my TV via Voice.
I installed Samsung SmartTV from Bjonar Almli and it also works.
But do you know: Do I have to create a virtual Device for every Channel or Action I want to control with Alexa?`Or is there a better way to do that?

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Have you tried just straight up adding your TV to the SmartThings app, then adding the SmartThings skill to alexa to control it?

I tried that several times, but that supports only a few orders like on / off , louder, quieter, but not something like “switch to channel 4” or “start netflix”

Here’s how I solved it. I didn’t want to create a virtual device for each channel. You configure a virtual device with dimm level. Each dimm level controls a channel:

Now you have to create an Alexa routine for each channel. “Alexa, CNN.” You use the routine to set the dimm level of the virtual device. The dimm level triggers the channel with the corresponding number.

But after that you should not change the order of the channels on the TV.

That is looking good.
Can you show me the details?
I am not deep in that topic, so I do not how and where to configure all these things :frowning:

Well then i suggest you start with the configuration and ask as soon as you get stuck.

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Hello, I solved that with one switch for every channel. So I can say “Alexa, RTL” and TV is switching to channel 3 which is RTL. Can also start Netflix and so on simular.
Thank you