Same setting in the energy section as the Climate telephone application section

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Would it be possible, in the telephone application, to carry for the energy part, the selection of communicating devices or meters or zones as was provided in the settings of the climate part.

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Hi Christophe,
I am sorry, I have no clue, what you are talking about.
I cannot find a telephone application for Homey, and I do not know, which settings you are talking about.
Can you provide some screen shots to help us understand your problem?


Sorry for my English.
I would like, as is done for the climate part of the Homey android application, to be able to select the devices in the energy part so that the dashboard is correct.
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that’s not possible (yet), if you want this function in the future it is best to contact athom directly and pitch the idea to them.

A note: As far as I know Athom does not respond to email messages in general;
the current way to contact Athom is by following this link

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