Run two instances of one app

Hi, I found a post on how to install a second instance of a Homey app (in my case the IKEA Trådfri Gateway app), and that seems to work, I get two apps. But the second version won’t find any devices after I connect it to the gateway. Is there perhaps something preventing a second instance to fully work?

Are both instances of the app using the same Tradfri gateway? If so, perhaps the issue is with the devices having the same internal id, so Homey thinks it’s already paired (although I would expect that internal id’s are specific to an app).

@robertklep Ah sorry, forgot the specify that; no, I have two gateways and want to have both connected to Homey. In the first instance, one of the Gateways expose all its devices, but for the second, I can connect it, but no devices appear

Strange. I assume you’re running the second instance of the app by changing the id in app.json?

Yes, that is how I got a second version onto Homey.

Have you tried using the second instance of the app to connect to the first (working) gateway?

No, I have so many devices connected and integrated into HomeKit automations, I don’t dare do anything to mess those up…

Fair enough. By the looks of it, the underlying Tradfri module that the app uses only works with a single gateway in your network, having two basically isn’t supported.

I feared as much, thanks for looking into it!