Run a remote script


I want a flow that triggers an external script( on a raspberry pi). But the ssh app doesn’t work. Is there any other way to do this?

Maybe sending a webhook would be a solution

thanks for your reply. How do I put a ssh command in a webhook?

well, you would first of all need to run a webserver or a nodejs http listener to consume the webhook and then pass the payload on as a ssh command on your target system.

I do wonder why the ssh approach does not work though.

Because the ssh app is hardcoded to only work on firmware 0 and 1 (although it looks like it will run on v3, and likely v4, just fine if you change the compatibility in app.json and CLI-install the app:

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I installed the SSH app with the CLI-Method. I thougt it wasn’t working because of the incompatible version. But it worked. Thanks all.

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